Breakfast with the Buses on Saturday, April 24

You’re invited to Breakfast with the Buses: Only at UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Orlando, April 21-25.

We’ll take our breakfast outdoors on Saturday during EXPO at the first-ever Breakfast with the Buses, the morning of April 24. Let’s take advantage of Orlando’s fair weather and the lovely open spaces outside the Orange County Convention Center where attendees can see preowned and new vehicles at the start of the day.

Breakfast with the Buses runs from 8-10 a.m and then we’ll head inside for the last chance to visit the exhibit hall floor. Register today and use the savings code EXPO2021-EXPO50 to save $50 on full operator Member registration. You can only use one discount code, but this one is a great way to attend EXPO at a great rate.

You can see on the map of the convention center that during the indoor portions of EXPO we will have tons of space to gather with proper distancing since we have all of Halls W1 and W2 available, marked by the glowing oranges!

Breakfast with Buses

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