UMA’s 23rd Maintenance Interchange set for April 22 in Orlando

by Ken Presley
The UMA Maintenance Interchange will open its 23rd year next Thursday, April 22 at 7:30 AM (ET) at the UMA Motorcoach EXPO being held in the Orange County Convention Center for registered motorcoach operators.
This one-of-a-kind session brings maintenance professionals together in an open forum to discuss the maintenance problems they have faced and to exchange solutions and ideas. Many companies have had technicians and employees participate since the beginning. Participants always convey they come home with solutions that more than pay for their registration and travel to EXPO.
To facilitate an open forum – absolutely no vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, or sales professionals are permitted to attend. Third party, outside repair facilities, or those not employed by a registered operator, are not eligible to attend.
Participants are encouraged to submit topics for discussion in advance of the seminar to the maintenance Interchange facilitator, Kevin Whitworth ( The UMA Maintenance Interchange is free for motorcoach operators who are registered for the UMA Motorcoach EXPO.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to solve maintenance issues and build relationships with like-minded peers—over the years the professionals at the UMA Maintenance Interchange often become a valuable resource for years to come.

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