Chris Goebel

Problem Solve the Driver Shortage - Together - Let's discuss where our next pool of drivers will come from

Chris Goebel, MBA, CEPA, FGBA

Chris Goebel

Chris Goebel

Chris Goebel’s business career can be traced back to his teenage years when he was washing vehicles at Lakefront Lines as his summer job.  He worked his way up the ladder to become President/General Manager of Lakefront Lines/Coach USA. His entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, leadership skills and business acumen resulted in transforming the organization from a small “Mom and Pop” business to the 16th largest privately held passenger transportation company along with ranking in the top 50 passenger transportation companies in the USA, with business units in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, and Cincinnati Ohio.

With over 30 years of managing a family business through 3 distinct business transition and ownership structures, Chris founded CROSSROADS ADVISERS with the intent to provide Business Transition Planning and Advising from a Business Owner’s Perspective.

Problem Solve the Driver Shortage – Together –
Let’s discuss where our next pool of drivers will come from
Deep Learning session

Monday, January 7, 2019
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

The driver shortage continues to be an issue for the bus and motorcoach industry. Join presenter Chris Goebel for an interactive session will get you and other industry professionals rolling up your sleeves to discuss how WE tackle this issue. We may not leave the room with an exact answer, but this session will inspire and energize you with ideas that could takes bites out of your driver shortage issue.

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Deep Learning Session