Peter Shelbo

Peter’s industry expertise includes the development, operation and growth of a successful motorcoach and tour company. As a 30 year operator, he is familiar with the many challenges facing motorcoach operators and their families. He believes accurate financial reporting is an essential component to generating profits and is an advocate of fiscal planning, budgeting and data analysis as tools to make a business thrive. As a longtime operator Peter knows the sting of failure and the euphoria of success. He experienced hard times and good times, and understands the effects of family dynamics. 

Peter is married to Tracy Fickett and has one adult child. He shares Tracy’s interests, especially creating good times with family and friends. 

Tracy and Peter have created BUSBooks with the plan to help operators improve their chances of success. He can be reached at peter@busbooks.co 

Motorcoach Industry Experience 

Peter is a founder and past owner of Tour West America, located in Phoenix AZ. As many early deregulation start-ups years ago, Peter entered the industry  with one pre-owned motorcoach, a chauffeur’s license, a bit of moxie, and a dream. Through tremendous effort, good fortune, and the help of many industry associates, the company became a successful and respected coach and tour company. Peter sold his interest in 2017 after 30 years. 

Industry Affiliations and Awards 

When Spader Business Management created a 20 Group for members of the United Motorcoach Association (UMA), Peter was among the first to enroll. His vigorous participation proved a business life saver, as the Spader name became synonymous with motorcoach industry success. UMA awarded Peter and Tour West America its Vision award in 2013 at its Orlando Expo. In addition, BUSRide Magazine presented Peter and Tour West America its Motorcoach Industry Achievement Award. 

Continuing Education 

Peter attended Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. Although his goal was a country inn, he chose instead to run a fleet of mobile inns. Now an Arizona State University student, Peter is vigorously embracing his continuing education.  

Industry Volunteer 

Peter remains a volunteer member and past president of the Motorcoach Marketing Council, a non-profit motorcoach marketing advocacy group for the motorcoach industry, with the goal to help operators “sell more charters, more often, for more money” through its branded GoMotorcoach campaigns and continuing education. 

Community Volunteer 

In 2005 Peter was encouraged by a retired business executive who mentored him through the SBA’s SCORE program. Peter is now a SCORE mentor himself, assisting entrepreneurs and young businesses examine their dreams and better their chances for success. He also volunteers with Phoenix Rotary 100 and recently received the November 2017 member of the month with his wife Tracy. The best times are shared with fellow Rotarians cooking breakfast for cancer patients, creating wine tasting events to support local charities, or ringing the Salvation Army bell at Christmastime.  


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