UMA Motorcoach EXPO Maintenance Interchange & Competition

Maintenance Interchange

January 12, 2023 | 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | 

The UMA Maintenance Interchange is now in its twenty-fifth year at the UMA Motorcoach EXPO. This valuable session allows motorcoach owners, operators, and maintenance professionals to come together in an open forum to discuss the maintenance problems they have faced and to exchange solutions and ideas. Many companies have had technicians and employees participate since the beginning. Attendees always say they come home with solutions that more than pay for their registration and travel to EXPO and would never miss the Maintenance Interchange.

READ about the history of the Maintenance Interchange in Bus & Motorcoach News.

The Maintenance Interchange is designed to focus on common issues faced by today’s maintenance professionals. To facilitate this, participants are encouraged to submit topics for discussion in advance of the seminar. The Maintenance Interchange is an operator-to-operator exchange. It is free for motorcoach operators who are registered for Motorcoach EXPO. In order to attend the Maintenance Interchange, you must be employed by a motorcoach operator that is registered for Motorcoach EXPO. NO vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, or sales professionals are permitted to attend. Third-party, outside repair facilities, or those not employed by a registered operator, are not eligible to attend.

Don’t miss this opportunity to solve maintenance issues and build relationships with like-minded peers—the people in this room could become a valuable resource for years to come.

Maintenance Competition

January 13, 2023 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.| Exhibit Hall – UMA Demo Area

ABC Companies is the sponsor of the UMA Maintenance Competition.

The industry’s best compete each year at UMA’s Maintenance Competition! Held in conjunction with the Maintenance Interchange, the annual Maintenance Competition is for those who wish to test their technical knowledge and skills against the clock and North America’s top bus and motorcoach mechanics. The competition is composed of a written exam and hands-on motorcoach inspections, both designed to be difficult and to require detailed knowledge of maintenance issues and safety regulations.

The written test will be distributed at the end of the Maintenance Interchange to participants who would like to compete. The hands-on inspection takes place the next morning on the exhibit hall floor, where the competitors inspect 2 vehicles rigged with defects; one suspended on lifts and one on the ground. Winners of the competition (first three places) will be recognized at the UMA Member Appreciation Dinner on Friday night. The Grand Champion will take home a $2,500 cash prize and a beautiful trophy thanks to our generous sponsor, ABC Companies. Competitors must be employed by a UMA operator member in order to compete. Follow this link to see local news coverage of the 2019 Grand Champion, Darren Haines of Jag Motorcoach, back home after the competition. You’ll learn a little more about the competition and what it takes to compete.

How to Compete in the Maintenance Interchange & Competition: Register for EXPO and RSVP that you will be attending the maintenance competition, then participate in the maintenance competition!

Maintenance Competition Award Winners

2024 EXPO – Raleigh

Rising Star Award: Todd Hoftiezer, Personalized Coaches, Waldo, Wisconsin



Grand Champion: Juan Velasquez, Windstar Lines, Carroll, Iowa
First Runner Up: Dave Meyerhofer, Kobussen Trailways, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
Second Runner Up: Jon Thomas, All Aboard America!, Mesa, Arizona



2023 EXPO – Orlando

Grand Champion: Darren Haines, JAG Motorcoach Gladwin, Michigan
First Runner Up: Juan Velasquez, Windstar Lines, Carroll, Iowa
Second Runner Up: Dave Meyerhofer, Kobussen Trailways, Kaukauna, Wisconsin

2022 EXPO – Long Beach

Grand Champion: Dave Meyerhofer, Kobussen Trailways, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
First Runner Up: Jonathan Harris, Travel Kuz, Northampton, Massachusetts
Second Runner Up: Jon Thomas, All Aboard American, Mesa, Arizona

2020 EXPO – Nashville

Grand Champion Darren Haines, JAG Motorcoach, Gladwin, Michigan
First Runner Up: Henry Jensen, Premier Transportation, Franklin, Tennessee
Second Runner Up: Steve Erickson, Escot Bus Lines, Largo, Florida

2019 EXPO – Fort Lauderdale

Grand Champion Darren Haines, JAG Motorcoach, Gladwin, Michigan
First Runner Up: Greg Lammers of Cavalier Coaches in Owatonna, Minnesota
Second Runner Up: Dave Meyerhofer of Kobussen Buses in Kaukauna, Minnesota

2018 EXPO – San Antonio

Grand Champion: Dave Meyerhofer of Kobussen Trailways in Kaukauna, Wisconsin
First Runner Up: Greg Lammers, Cavalier Coaches Inc. of Owatonna, Minnesota
Second Runner Up: Peter Haunold, Royal HywayTours Inc., dba Holland America Princess Alaska

2017 EXPO – Saint Louis

Grand Champion: Tim Brown, Huskey Trailways, Festus, Missouri
First Runner Up: Eric Hale, Holland America Princess, Denali Park, Alaska
Second RunnerUp: Peter Haunold, Anchorage, Alaska