2018 UMA Motorcoach EXPO Maintenance Interchange & Competition

Maintenance Interchange

2016 UMA Motorcoach EXPO Maintenance Interchange & Competition

Maintenance Interchange

The ever-popular Maintenance Interchange is now in its twentieth year at EXPO. This one-of-a-kind session allows motorcoach owners, operators, and maintenance professionals to come together in an open forum to discuss the maintenance problems they have faced and to exchange solutions and ideas. This valuable session keeps many companies coming back every year to participate and is free for UMA Motorcoach EXPO operator attendees.

The Maintenance Interchange is designed to focus on common issues faced by today’s maintenance professionals. To facilitate this, participants are encouraged to submit maintenance issues in advance of the seminar. The Maintenance Interchange is an operator-to-operator exchange, with NO vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, or sales professionals permitted to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to solve maintenance issues and build relationships with like-minded peers—the people in this room could become a valuable resource for when you are back at the shop.

Maintenance Competition

Challenge yourself and put your skills to the test at the Maintenance Competition! Held in conjunction with the Maintenance Interchange, the annual Maintenance Competition is for those who wish to test their technical knowledge and skills against the clock and their peers. The competition is composed of a written test and a diagnostic test. The written test will be distributed at the end of the Maintenance Interchange to participants who would like to compete. The diagnostic test will be administered in a local garage the next morning. Transportation to and from the location will be provided from the host hotel. Winners of the competition will be recognized at the UMA Leadership Awards Celebration and receive great prizes!