UMA International Driver Competition

UMA International Driver Competition Sponsors


Eligibility Criteria and Pre-Registration Information

Required Forms: You must register at the link above AND complete and return the following forms.

Drivers desiring to compete in the 2024 UMA International Driver Competition must meet certain minimum requirements contained in the “Excellence in Driving” criteria.   

1. Driver Status:

a. Driver must possess a valid commercial driver’s license at the time of application and event;

b. Driver must have a current medical certificate at the time of application and event;

c. The driver’s license may not have been suspended for any reason in the past 24 months;

d. UMA Operator Member must actively employ the driver at the time of application;

e. Driver must subscribe to the UMA Driver Member program;

f. Actively drives a bus and/or motorcoach as their primary occupation during the period under consideration;

g. No out-of-service (OOS) violations within the past 24 months.

h. Bus and/or motorcoach drivers must have driven at least two years crash-free (see below).

i. Complete and submit a “UMA Excellence in Driving Recognition Program Application”.


2. The following verification to industry organizers must be provided:

a. A letter from the motor carrier(s) under whose authority the driver is/was operating, stating that he or she had no preventable crashes during the period represented in the application (minimum two years) or complete ACCIDENT-FREE CERTIFICATION;

b. Insurance company loss records or original letter certifying no-reported crashes for period applied.


3. Disqualifying Factors:

a. Serious Traffic Offenses

i. Excessive speed – 15 mph or more over the speed limit

i.  Reckless driving

ii.  Improper/Erratic lane change

iii. Following too closely

iv. Traffic violation in connection with fatal accident (crash)

v. Revocation, suspension or cancellation of the CLP or CDL or non-CMV driving privilege

vi. Driving without obtaining a CDL

vii. Driving without a CDL in driver’s possession

viii. Driving without proper class of CDL and/or endorsements

ix. Violating State or local law prohibiting texting while driving

x. Violating State of local law restricting or prohibiting use of hand-held mobile telephone while driving

xi. Any CDL Disqualifying Offense

xii. Driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance

xiii. Refusal to submit to alcohol testing

xiv. Leaving the scene of an accident

xv. Felony involving use of vehicle

xvi. Felony involving manufacture, distribution, or dispensing of controlled substance

xvii. Alcohol concentration of 0.04% or >

xviii. Causing a fatality through the negligent operation

xix.  Driving while CDL is suspended


4. Other Disqualifying Factors:

a. Drivers with any out-of-service violations during the period the driver is nominated and years recognized will be disqualified. OOS offenses include, but are not limited to:

i. Hours-of-service violations

ii. Logbook violations

iii. Vehicle out-of-service violations


5. The UMA Risk Management Committee will review all driver submissions for validity, completeness and determine final eligibility for awards and competition.