Our health and safety plan

Your safety and health are top priorities at UMA Motorcoach EXPO


At UMA Motorcoach EXPO state and local requirements and guidance, along with CDC recommended practices, will be promoted among attendees.

What could be more important when we RECONNECT at EXPO than the well-being of our attendees and your families?

By now we have all mastered wearing masks and we know the benefits of safe distancing. UMA will support these practices and employ other practices including grab-and-go meals and outdoor events when possible.

The facility is well-equipped to host our event and the event staff is trained in all required protocols.

The EXPO Exhibit Hall Show Floor will provide ample space, along with wide aisles to facilitate visits with vendors. View our interactive map to learn more and see who’s coming to EXPO.

All meeting rooms will comply with, or exceed, local- or state-mandated occupancy limits. Non-contracted spaces will be monitored by security.

See UMA’s Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about adherence to state, local and federal requirements that will be in place for EXPO.





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