Attend the State Association Summit at EXPO

All EXPO attendees are invited to UMA’s Annual State Association Summit!

The purpose of the Summit is for the various state/regional associations to discuss legislative, regulatory, and industry operational issues developing across the country and to share ideas, including recent successes and strategies for dealing with issues. The input we receive from state motorcoach associations and their members helps us present a more complete picture in Washington, DC to national policymakers on the issues affecting our industry across the nation. The United Motorcoach Association invites all at EXPO to attend.

Summit Guidelines

To assure that each state present has an opportunity to voice their issues and concerns, we have established some guidelines for the Summit.

  • State/Regional Association Representative – Each Association will appoint one (1) representative to address the Summit attendees. If time permits and after all states have addressed their issues, additional state representatives will have an opportunity to speak. There will be a sign-in sheet at the Summit to identify each state and representative. It is encouraged that multiple attendees from one state region appoint their representative to review what items they would like to address.
  • Presentation Length – Out of respect for many states that want to speak and share important issues, we will adhere to a time limit for each Association to address their issues.
  • State Identification – UMA will provide tent cards for each state that will be placed in front of the designated speaker so that those present, know who is speaking.
  • Submit Topics in Advance – To reach a broader range of issues, we are asking all EXPO operators to submit issues that have been the greatest concern for your business over the last year such as transit competition, tax burdens, or an issue that specifically pertains to your state. By compiling these issues ahead of time, we’ll be able to spend the time during the Summit brainstorming solutions to the biggest and most troublesome issues.

All attendees are welcome to attend the Summit. Please feel free to contact Ken Presley by email at to share any current or pending state issues affecting your business. Please feel free to share your issues even if you are unable to attend.

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