Request for Proposal

2018 UMA Motorcoach EXPO brings education out of the classroom and onto its show floor on January 8th, 2018 and January 9th, 2018. 
As a 2018 UMA Motorcoach Exhibitor, we are looking to you to help us bring education to the show floor. We have always viewed the show floor as an extension of our educational opportunities and at the 2013 EXPO, we started education in the exhibit hall. With your help, we want to take these sessions to the next level and involve you in our education and training endeavors. These sessions would take place in our presentation area of the exhibit hall on January 8th, 2018 and January 9th, 2018. 
We want to know what you have to offer in the ways of providing education. If you and your company have a session topic you’d like to lead, we would like to receive a proposal from you.
This is a wonderful opportunity for your company to be front and center before your target market!
Please note this is not a selling opportunity. 
The question is how can you help Motorcoach Operators be more successful with their businesses?
The underlying goal for the United Motorcoach Association is to help its members be more successful. Our UMA Motorcoach EXPO and its show floor are key to this goal. The floor plays host to companies, like yours, that offer solutions for our operator members to be more successful.
We have held education in the exhibit hall for the past 5 years and want to continue improving oureducation offerings. So, we want to engage you as a supporter of the association and a 2018exhibitor. We are looking for a proposal on how you can create an educational experience within our presentation area. We would like to request a proposal from your company on a topic that will be educational and help our operators be more successful.
In your proposal please include:
  • Summary and outline of your presentation. Be as detailed as possible.
  • Suggested title for your session
  • Names of planned speakers with company name, titles and any pertinent information that would qualify them as experts
  • The time needed to complete your presentation. UMA typically runs 1 hour sessions and this is the max time we can allot. 
  • Explanation on how this is an important topic that will lead to success for Motorcoach Operators
  • Contact information for the person UMA staff to notify and coordinate your session
Please note we are not looking for blatant sale pitches nor will our operators. We want real valuable topics and ideas.
RFP Due: Friday, August 25th, 2017
After the deadline, the submitted proposals will be reviewed by the UMA Meetings Committee to select the finalists. The submissions will be judged on educational value and relevance the Motorcoach Operators’ businesses.
Once your company’s proposal is selected as a finalist, UMA staff will reach out to you to work on logistics and your specific needs. 
The presentation will occur on the show floor in our presentation area. There will be an area where some of the proposed presentations will be presented. When possible and meaningful, some presentations will take place in your booth.
Please note the selected companies will be treated as sponsors of the education session and will be responsible for the AV cost and other costs related to the sessions specific needs. This expense will be $1,500.
This is not a sales pitch opportunity.
Please direct any questions on this proposal to:
Carrington Blake
UMA Meetings Manager
113 South West St     
4th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314
PH: 703-838-2929